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Tuesday, November 05, 2002 :::
What is U.S. Policy on Targeted Killings?

Before September 11 we can imagine the world was a different place. Ok, maybe there was some violence against Israelis and that was a bad thing but No way should Israel think about killing the terrorists attacking them: State Dep. Briefing 8/28/02
QUESTION: Yes, just on the US arms. Can you -- I'm sure this has come up many times, but I don't recall what exactly your position is. Have you brought up with Israeli officials the use of US weapons in these targeted killings, as you call them?
MR. BOUCHER: We have made clear our opposition to targeted killings. It's not a question of the weapons so much as it is a question of the event. Obviously, they are aware and we are aware of the restrictions on the use of American weaponry. Obviously they are aware of that.
But I think our opposition to this is not, you can kill them with somebody else's weapons.
QUESTION: Yes, sure. Let me put it this way then. Have you discussed with Israeli officials the use of American-supplied weapons in trying to suppress the intifada?
MR. BOUCHER: Once again, I have to say that the Israelis are quite aware of the restrictions on the use of American weapons, but the discussions that we have with them -- well, I'm just going to leave it at that.

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Targeted Killings Part II
But then America woke up and saw the damage terrorists can inflict. Surely now the policy against killing such people would change? Ummm.... Nope: State Dep. Briefing
MR. REEKER: Our position on targeted killings is well known. But in terms of the Middle East broadly, in the recent days, we have welcomed some of the positive steps taken by the Palestinians and by the Israeli Government. Continuing efforts by the Palestinian Authority to confront violence and terror are extremely important, must continue...
MR. REEKER: And our position on targeted killings is well known. That is, that it has not changed.
QUESTION: Could you say what it is? Because I would have to assume --
MR. REEKER: It is the same position that we have said over and over again. And that is that we oppose a policy of targeted killings.
QUESTION: Just to follow on that and to broaden it?
QUESTION: To follow on that and broaden it, can you expand on your opposition to the policy -- to the Israeli policy of targeted killings vis-à-vis US policy to target Usama bin Laden, Mullah Omar?
MR. REEKER: I can't really draw a parallel between the two. Our position on the Israeli policy of targeted killings is well known, has not changed since the (inaudible).
QUESTION: Why is there no parallel? Would it be provocative to attack Usama bin Laden and kill him? Would you object to that?
MR. REEKER: I don't have anything to add to what the President and the Secretary of State and everyone else have said about our campaign against terrorism. That includes Usama bin Laden. That includes now the Taliban, who has given him safe harbor all this time, in contradiction to UN Security Council resolutions, even those that predate the tragic events of September 11th.
QUESTION: So you're saying any targeting by the US in that regard -- well, let me follow up, please -- would be justified because of the reasons you just stated?
MR. REEKER: No, Barry, I'm not --

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Targeted Killings Part III
The U.S., even after such a tragedy, continued to oppose Israel's attempts to stop these murderers from causing further pain and grief: State Dep. Briefing 10/15/01
QUESTION: On Israel really quick, is the State Department still opposing Israeli targeted killings?
MR. BOUCHER: The position hasn't changed.

QUESTION: And if I can follow up. Does the State Department still oppose what you have called a policy of targeted killings?
MR. REEKER: No change in that policy.
QUESTION: There has been no change. So is that -- is it fair to say that the US would oppose Israeli actions as the one last --
MR. REEKER: Eli, I have nothing new for you on this.
QUESTION: Well, I'm not asking for something new. I'm asking you now, there have been changes since the Sharon meeting; there was a big speech. I'm saying, right now, the State Department still opposes any action the Israelis would take in terms of ending certain terrorists on the ground there?
MR. REEKER: I'm not going to agree with your words and your interpretations in trying to interpret our words. What I'm going to tell you is that there is no change in our policies.

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Targeted Killings Part IV
Wow, what a great and noble stance for the U.S. to take. Israel cannot kill any of these terrorists, so they must go in and arrest them, no wait, they are not allowed into PA territory and the U.S. calls for them to withdraw "immediately." I guess they have to stand by the border and try to entice the terrorist to leave the protection of Arafat's murderers. "Here shaheed, shaheed, shaheed. I have some doe-eyed virgins! Here shaheedy, here shaheedy."
Just a little over a month ago, the State Department felt so strongly that this pratice was wrong that they issued a special release highlighting comments from the daily briefing:
27 September 2002
U.S. Is Against Israel's "Targeted Killings," Says Boucher
Urges Israel to comply with latest UN Security Council Resolution
The United States criticized Israel's September 26 attempt to kill a Hamas militant as a "targeted killing" and urged Israel’s compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1435, said Department of State Spokesman Richard Boucher at the September 27 regular briefing.
"We are against targeted killings. We're against the use of heavy weaponry in urban areas, even when it comes to people like Mohammed Deif, who have been responsible for the deaths of American citizens," said Boucher at the State Department's September 27 regular briefing.

They are against it even when it comes to people "who have been responsible for the deaths of Americans." But only if those Americans who were killed are Jews living in Israel. If other Americans are killed anywhere else it seems there's no problem blowing them away.
Hmmmmmmm....I wonder what the State Dep. has to say about the killings in Yemen?
QUESTION: And Yemen? There was an explosion that I don't think was spontaneous combustion.
MR. BOUCHER: I don't have anything on that.
QUESTION: Do you know if known terrorists were extinguished that way?
MR. BOUCHER: I don't have anything on that. I don't know. You'd have to ask the Yemenis. It happened in their country.

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I just need to get this stuff out, or else I'll be pounding my fist into a bloody pulp.

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